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My Diet Mds

200 Corporate Plaza Islandia, NY 11749 

Lose 4 to 20 Pounds in 1 Month


Tel 631-406-0026

African Mango Extract 1 physician assisted program

200 Motor Parkway Suite C14,

Hauppauge, NY 11788

Tel (631) 406-0026

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My Diet Mds is the proven program that works. This basic principle of the program is to find the root cause of the problem, eliminate it and then work towards the goal of losing weight. Our team of experts in weight loss will diagnose the problems, and treat them so you can finally start losing weight and stay thin. We will also detect the many environmental and genetic factors that can make it impossible for you to attain a healthy weight.

My Diet Mds programs will locate those factors and break you free them so you can start living the healthy and fit life that you have always dreamed of.

Why chose our programs over the others?

Because our program listens to you, understands you and your needs and finds individual solutions customized to you. We know fad diets and militant exercises are impossible to follow or even work and they could expose you to danger.

My Diet Mds is about your own individual, physician finding the cause of your weight problems and getting you back to a healthy lifestyle.

The My Diet Mds program is made up of 3 equal parts. Science, Diet Lifestyle management are all incorporated by our trained staff to get you thin quickly and as important to keep you thin and healthy for as long as you want.

Science … What is your ideal heart rate? What is your optimal calorie intake? Are you producing enough Androgen or too much Cortisol? Your parents are heavy and you’ve always have been or "I exercise and exercise and nothing seems to work." There are hundreds of reasons why people gain weight. Our providers will diagnose your specific reasons and put you on the path that will help you.

Diet … You are what you eat! We agree, sort of. In this day and a balanced diet or eating calories just isn’t enough. Think of your body as an engine. some engines take UN-leaded gasoline, others diesel and some even need exotic jet fuel to work properly. Well, the point is each individual “engine” or “person” requires more or less certain fuels or nutrients to be at their optimal performance.

Lifestyle … Do you work from home or some big office? Are you financially secure or living paycheck to paycheck? Do you have kids? Are you depressed or constantly tired? Are you a home-body or have a gym membership and just can’t find the time to go? My Diet Md™ program is more than just you getting thin. We will provide you with proven lifestyle changes that everyone can do based on their schedules.

The program incorporates ancient arts of meditation and yoga that help you find your “.” We also introduce different minerals and vitamins taken before meals that will help you with proper digestion.

All lifestyle changes are done under the supervision of our highly trained staff. Think of it this way, if your diet changes are to optimize your “engine” then the lifestyle management changes are maximizing your mind. The brain is by far the most important organ in the body and most diets stop giving your brain the vital elements (sugar /carbohydrates) it needs to function properly. My Diet Mds not only designs the specific nutrient plan to feed your mind but helps you incorporate real lifestyle changes to let you become healthy, more relaxed and give you more energy.

Call us today and set up an appointment with one of our weight loss specialists who fully trained to deal with all aspects of the conditions that contribute to being overweight.

Again My Diet Mds is the proven program that works to melt pounds and trim inches fast.

We suggest that you take the first step to find out what is or are the causes of your unhealthy weight and explore possible solutions to achieve a healthy long life full of vibrant energy.

It is important to know that despite Dr. Oz's miracle claims, there are no weight-loss shortcuts. To lose weight, you must change the quality, quantity, and nature of the food you eat, while also attending to physical activity.

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My Diet Mds

My Diet Md Hauppauge office, weight loss commack, nt

200 Motor Parkway SuiteC14, Hauppauge, NY 11788

Tel (631) 406-0001