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gyan mudra,

gyan mudra ,

gyan mudra,

Gyan Mudra: Flexibility for the Mind Gyan Mudra is by far the most common mudra used by practicing yogis and depicted by wise sages and avatars in a meditative state. A mudra is simply a hand posture. And there are many known hand postures that are used to stimulate various reflexes of the brain, and guide the energy flow of the body. Essentially, a mudra is a flexibility exercise for the mind, just as crow pose, baby pose or chair pose is a flexibility exercise of the body. Gyan Mudra is known as the Seal of Knowledge as it stimulates knowledge, wisdom and the power to understand. How Is Gyan Mudra Formed? Each of the fingers represents a different energy reflex in the brain, according to the energy meridian it carries. In the case of this particular mudra, the index finger is approximated gently to the tip of the thumb. Apply enough pressure to feel the energy flow between the fingers, but not so much that the fingertips whiten. Creating the seal of knowledge in this way creates an active receptivity to calmness, wisdom and expansion. What do all the Fingers Represent? Each finger holds a specific energy according to the quality of different planets. They also bring with them an emotional or behavioural gift or trait according to that planetary quality.

  1. The Thumb represents the individual or ego. It is associated with the element of Earth.
  2. The Index finger represents wisdom, expansion and openness to change. It is associated with the planet Jupiter and the element Ether.
  3. The Middle finger represents the conversion of emotion to devotion and patience. It is associated with the planet Saturn and the element of Air.
  4. The Ring finger represents our physical health, vitality, grace and beauty. It is associated with the planets Sun and Venus as well as the element of Fire.
  5. The Little finger represents our power to relate and communicate with others, and to subconsciously communicate with Self. It is associated with the planet Mercury and the element of Water.