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My Diet Mds

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Lose 4 to 20 Pounds in 1 Month


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Natural Weight Loss 

The following are the Natural Weight Loss and Anti-aging treatments available at 1800 weight loss.




LIPIDS: We always do VAP test and the desired values should be :-

LDL < 100, HDL > 50, LIPO A < 20, Triglycerides <150, HDL >10.

WE HAVE SUPPLEMENTS TO TREAT EACH ISSUE: - LDL- Red yeast rice 600mg BID, HDL-Niacin 50 mg BID, LipoA-Niacin 750mg BID, Triglycerides- Fish oil 2000 to 4000 mg QD, Kyollic BID in all abnormal levels. Kyolic is aged garlic and shown to decrease all levels plus decrease plaque formation with Niacin.

We always order a full vascular screen on patients, cardiac autonomic neurological test to test predictive factors for cardiovascular disease and a tress test from cardiologist.


SUPPLEMENT : Cardo B's - This is a methylated form of B12 and Folic Acid. Kyolic daily. If the patient is resistant add Quercitin (dyhist) and check MTHFR gene.

C-Reactive Protein : <1.0

SUPPLEMENT : Cardo B's , Kyolic, Fish Oil. - If still remains high then do full cancer workup.

B12 Level > 500

SUPPLEMENT : We use B12 subliqual methylate form.

Fibrinogen Levels: <370 ug/dl.

SUPPLEMENT : Kyolic (ages Garlic) , Nattokinase (anticoagulant)

Inflammatory Protens from the gut: IL 6 and TNF use moducare

MEB%- Add up the monocytes, eosinophils and basophil. If >5% idicates poor diet and lack of good bacteria in the gut. NEED TO BE ON FLOUR FREE AND DIARY FREE DIET - USE PALEO DIET.

DHEA : 20-30= 500ng/dl, 30-40= 350ng/dl, 40-50=250ng/dl, 50-70=greater than 150ng/dl

SUPPLEMENT : DHEA 12.5md to 25 mg for Female and 25mg to 50 g for Male

If patient has Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis,arthritis, asthma increase dose to normal.

THYROID: TSH 1-2 UIU/M Free T3 3-3.5 pg/ml, Free T4 1.1 -1.5 ng/dl, TPO less than 34, Antithyroglobin Ab <40

SUPPLEMENT : Low T3 Treat with Armour from 15mg to 120mg [ most menopausal women]

T4 Treat by using sunthroid or unithyroid 0.25ug to 2.0 ug.

Always see Minerals lewels: Zinc, Selenium and Iodine which feed the Thyroid. If Ferritin ot Iron low correct it as has effect on Thyroid.

SUPPLEMENT : Supplement it with Tyrosine, selenium,Sea Iodin or Thyrotain (Thyrosol).


SUPPLEMENT : WITH ALPHA LIPONIC ACID 150 MG bid or 300mg QD and Chromium


DIET CONTROL Using Paleo, net carb, and take shape or life.    

SUPPLEMENT : with AlphaLipoic Acd and make sure vitamin D level is above 50. ( this effects insulin receptors)

VITAMIN D : 50 - 70 UG/DL.

SUPPLEMENT WITH VITAMIN D3 1000 TO 10,000 IU daily. If patient has poor gut absorption give in liquid form. Use the weekly 50,000 iu if the levels are less than 30. for 30-40 use 10,000 iu QD, 40-50 use 5000 iu QD, anf greater than 50,000 use1,000 iu QD.

Magnesium: Need more than 2.2 >2.2

Supplement : 500 mg up to Three Times A Day. You gauge magnesium by the patients bowel movement. Once they have soft stools daily you have hem decrease dose to 1 per day. Let them know if constipated to increase dose once again.

Cortisol: Need levels between 10 to 14 ug/dl

*** Replace according to saliva test – take pills usually at 8an and 1 pm. If the patient is a night worker you must take at the waking times that best fits the patient.

Supplement: Adreset (herbal support) used for slight lower levels, Adrenatone for severe depletion, Catacholacalm or Relora for elevated levels, and Phosphadytlserine for sleep. You may also use melatonin or holy basil at night which will lower cortisol. Always check for sleep apnea.

Progesterone : in general greater than 1.4

Supplement with Progestx - 1 – dabs inner wrist before bed except when menses.

If the patient is menopausal need to do Bioidentical formulation : 25 to 100 mg trouche before bed or mix in with escrogen cream.

Estrodiol : Need for men < 50, For women it depends upon age – Most get concerned if level is greater tha 200 in postmenopausal women with low progesterone.

Supplement in Men: Saw Palmetto 160 mg twice a day or Estrodim aily.

In women : Estrodim or IC3 daily (especially if estrogen dominant )

*** Soy upto 50 grams per day. Anything greater may stimulate estrogen and cause breast stimulation.

TESTOTERONE : Need in Men more than 350 and in women between 20 -30.

Supplement : Men with Androgel, Testin, or Injection. If less than age 30 may need HCGH. If Estradiol level is greater than 50 then use saw palmetto to try to convert. In severe cases use Arimidex.

Supplement : Probiotic with lactobacillus , acidophyllus , and bifidobacterium.


  1. Antigliadin ab/IGG/IGA – Use gluten free diet and probiotics.
Supplement with glutamine 500 mg if amino acid depleted.
  1. MTHFR gene – Use methylated folic acid and B12. Always screen or cardiovascular disease. Also prevalent in depression, mscarriages, strokes.
  2. HLA DQ2 , DQ8 –Remove wheat from diet, probiotics ,paleo diet.


1. Hypertension : SBP < 130 DBP <80

Treat using Magnesium 500 mg bid, theanine bid, Hawthorne berry, and arginine 500mg bid. Start one at a time in that order.

2. HEAT FAILURE : Use CQ10 – 10-200 mg per day, correct testostosterone, add minerals, ribose, and Carnitine for muscle. Always correct amino acid depletion.


Use I-Theanine TId, magnesium 500 mg bid and holy basil to calm. If the patient is menopausal or perimenopausal use progestx.

4. ARTHEROSCLEROSIS: Kylic, fish oil, and niacin. Also add baby aspirin daily 81mg or nattokinase.

5. CONSTIPATION: Magnesium 500 mg tid until pooping reqularly then decrease accordingly.

6. LEG CRAMPS: Magnesium 500 mg before bed.