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How To Reduce Your Food and Sugar Cravings

(A Shortcut That Helps Gain The Upper Hand!)

The key to making the diet changes that you need to make to bring these 4 hormones into better balance is to

control your cravings

When you are able to control your cravings, it becomes so much


to do all the right things we know we need to do. It is one thing to know you have to cut back on sugar and wine, and another to do this consistently in the face of all the things you have going on in your life every day.

In fact, one member of the PEERtrainer Community emailed me in a half-joking, half-snarky manner and made this comment:

"Thanks for your suggestion that I should work on reducing my cortisol. I will also work on winning the lottery, finding true love, acing my tennis serve and having an immaculate house."

This is a good illustration that so many of us have a really hard time keeping things together, even when we know exactly what to do. That said, there is a good formula that we have seen that really can help even the most jaded and frustrated out there.


massive increase in greens

is one very proven part of this formula of rebalancing things. If you have seen Dr. Fuhrman on PBS or on the Dr. Oz show recently, you know how passionate he is about this subject.

When you really up your intake of greens, beans and seeds in your diet, it crowds out the "bad stuff" and really begins to help shift how your body operates.

There are also some great natural supplements out there, with ingredients that have been used for thousands of years across different cultures.

3 Natural Supplements Which Help Control Your Food, Sugar, Wine, Chocolate Cravings

Here is a quick look at three different supplements, that when taken in combination help to reduce cravings in a meaningful way.

Especially for those people who are already starting to do the right things like increase vegetables, reduce processed foods and sugar. And who are doing light exercise instead of stressful, cortisol building exercise.

Ingredient #1: The Adiponectin Turbo Charger and Ghrelin Destroyer

The first ingredient, which is a blend of Piper Betle leaf and Dolichos Biflorus seed extracts, works by

increasing adiponectin


As we outlined earlier in this article, adiponectin is the hormone that makes your fat cells literally burn fat for energy. The research is clear that increasing adiponectin leads to lower body fat.

In fact, research has shown that this combination of Piper Betle lead and Dolichos Biflorous seed extract

increases adiponectin by 15.3% and decreases Grehlin by 17.3%

When your adiponectin levels rise it makes it easier for your body to turn fat into energy.

Ingredient #2: Double Action Sugar Blocker, Doubles Fat Loss

The second ingredient, a patented green coffee bean extract from Madagascar, helps prevent carbohydrates from turning into fat. It works by inhibiting glucose absorption. Blocking the absorption of glucose helps reduce insulin resistance, which is a common reason why people turn almost anything they eat into fat.

This is a


extract, which contains a powerful weight loss substance called chlorogenic acids.

These acids help regulate blood sugar by inhibiting sugar absorption in the small intestine


backup sugar production by the liver,


your body to burn fat as energy instead of sugar.

Ingredients One and Two are separately proven to more than

double your fat loss.

Ingredient #3: The Stress and Cortisol Killer

As we discussed earlier in this article, elevated cortisol levels are associated with increased levels of belly (unhealthy) fats.

The third ingredient in this cravings buster combo is something called Rhodiola Rosea. This specific extract has been proven to reduce general anxiety and reduce stress in clinical studies.

By taking a high quality Rhodiola extract at the

right dose

(important!), you will


lower your cortisol levels, and even better brighten your mood. You will be less likely to engage in stress related eating and binging.

This ingredient is often recommended by doctors like Richard Brown, M.D. (Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons) for issues related to stress, sleep, energy, and even weight loss.

The study's results have been submitted to

The Journal of Nutrition.

So, what does this mean for diabetics, or those who want to balance their blood sugar levels? Is it a hopeless case?

No way! You know me, I'm always looking for answers to these kinds of problems. So here are a few steps to break the bonds of sugar addiction....

  1. Eat a good breakfast with some protein like eggs, protein shakes, or nut butter...
  2. Eat smaller meals throughout the day, every 3 to 4 hours and have some protein at each meal...
  3. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Research shows that the lack of sleep increases your cravings...

What's even better is this news:

certain natural herbs and spices can dramatically lower your blood sugar levels.

Many people report they are able to bring their blood sugar back into normal range, and even get off diabetic medications.

So yes, it is possible to beat the addiction and cravings for sugar. And you can do it naturally.

In fact, there's one common spice that you almost certainly have in your kitchen cabinet right now that every diabetic should know about.