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My Diet Mds

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Lose 4 to 20 Pounds in 1 Month


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Your DNA & the Four Rs hold the key to your life.

Living long should be a wonderful experience.

You can choose to aim for it with your own effort.

In your aging process, human cells are constantly breaking and regenerating according to your DNA (a pre-programmed algorithm) and external environment which can be controlled by you.

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It is certain that we cannot change our DNA, but can smartly delay the old age by extending the youth. This process can be achieved by compensating the flaws in DNA with the extra positive input of external effects, by eating exact amount of nutrient full diet, reducing Toxic Insults,

replenishing minerals, replenishing Bacteria’s and Enzymes. Plus to stay young a regular exercise.

It seems that we are 100% responsible for the state of our health (all our diseases). By taking care and responsibility for our bodies and minds we have an opportunity to make to our health.

The human body is machine we have today.

Here are some of the supporting evidence:

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Self Healing

Look at the medicine we take for flu. Those medicines we take are only designed to trigger the body’s defensive response. The medicine only helps with the healing process but not the actual healing.

How about the time we have a fracture. The medicine used in this case is to reduce the pain and the movements. Again the actual healing is done by the body.


Look at the races we have today, the body features. Our body adapts to the environment we live in.

  • Those who stay high altitude have much higher lung capacity.
  • Those who stay in the tropics are more capable withstanding heat.
  • Those stay in the cold climate more capable withstanding cold.

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Some adaptation process of adapting takes time – typically may take one or two generations. Other adaptations take less.

That is what is happening to a lot of our bodies. Most of us allow our bodies grow weak through and lack of exercise.

Pushing the limit

Occasionally we are able to push the limits of our body. It may happen where life is at stake. I read cases where a father or mother can run for miles just to save a child’s life or carry heavy objects that are many times their weight.

We can also control the ability to push the limit. For if we train daily, we can run 5 miles, 10 miles or even 25 miles after training for 6 to 8 months.

Scientist, lawyers doctors sometimes can go a week without sleep to complete projects. Often times, we are able to push the limit for short term but not perpetually. Sooner or later the machine

The Human Cells communicate with one another physically, chemically, emotionally, and energetically. The cycle of cellular regeneration is as ancient as cellular life itself.

The cell nucleus contains instructions providing all the information necessary to grow and live. The instructions or blueprints are carried by DNA molecules and tell the cell what role it will play in the body.

The Cellular regeneration is dependent on the quality of each raw building block or nutrient. The nature of these raw tools affects the overall building plan and is the foundations of wellness.

Healthy bodies possess amazing healing potential and hardly notice the continual regeneration process. However, insults or injuries may cause some cells to lose their ability to communicate

and regenerate within healthy parameters. If poor regeneration or faulty instructions are common in this cycle the individual begins to experience a loss vitality.

Ever wondered how often your cells regenerate?

Intestinal lining 2 to 30 days

Skin 21 to 30 days

Red blood cells 90 to 120 days

The pancreas 5 to 12 months

Muscles 6 months to 3 years

Tissues 1 to 7 years

Bones 8 months to 4 years

Just imagine, within a few days to a few you are building a whole new YOU!

There are four very simple yet powerful steps we can take to support the processes of healthful cellular regeneration.

The Four Rs

Reduce Toxic Insults




“What benefits might occur in my own body and how long does it take?”

Benefits of the “Four Rs” frequently include more focused energy, mental clarity, better skin feel lessening of unwanted symptoms.

How long before you experience them?

Many people report results in a few week to a few months.

The Four R’s are ancient and support the foundation of wellness.

Reduce Toxic Insults: On a daily many of us eat overly processed foods, day in and day out. These food choices can create a toxic inner terrain as our bodies try to eliminate the non-digestible ingredients. we read that illness, disease obesity on the rise.

Maximizing the good food choices and supplementing with antioxidants are steps toward supporting cellular regeneration and reducing toxic insults. A varied and healthful diet supplies

macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and trace minerals and can help to restore a robust inner terrain.

Learning about species appropriate diets and offering a wide range of nutrients is healthful for us

Regular exercise, allowing time for rest, relaxation, and striving for a positive mental attitude at all times assist healthy cellular regeneration. How we care for ourselves and the world around

us can have a positive impact on our amazing healing potential. When the toxic load is decreased you’ll find your body has more vitality in all areas of your life. Re-Mineralize The simplest, most

effective way to re-mineralize is by finding and using the world’s most mineral- dense whole foods.

Dr. Lynne August, MD, puts it this way: “Yes, minerals are ‘natural’; however, a mineral is not organic until it has been incorporated into an organic matrix. This organic matrix combines the mineral with carbon, hydrogen oxygen. These complex matrices are made by microorganisms in the soil. “Where do we find minerals “incorporated into an organic matrix?” The purest forms are found in wild-grown plants and algae like our Aphanizomenon -aquae; next come organically grown fruits and vegetables other produce, both fresh and frozen. Re-

Friendly bacteria, Probiotics, and friendly flora all mean the same thing. They refer to the large array of microorganisms that are naturally found in healthy intestines and are absolutely crucial to

our well-being. The different types of Probiotics in the gut number in the hundreds, but the main ones go by names like






Healthy prebiotic colonies are believed to support intestinal wellness by making the environment

hostile an overgrowth of undesired organisms like E. coli, Salmonella and possibly parasites. Some strains may also be helpful reducing serum cholesterol levels and supporting immune function.

Re-Enzymize Enzymes are the spark of life—they run your entire body. You cannot digest or

absorb food without them. Your heart will not beat, your lungs won’t breathe, and your muscles won’t unless enzymes are present. They are catalysts that, when joined with vitamins and

minerals, the body to operate. Processing and cooking nearly all of the vital enzymes naturally present in food. Digestive enzymes like E12 break down fats, carbohydrates fiber so the body can absorb the nutrients required to build cells, tissues, and organs

while supporting many other vital functions. Our proprietary formula contains a wide range of enzymes with high activity levels for optimum digestion: lipase to break down fat, protease to break down protein, cellulase to assist in the breakdown of fiber, and amylase to break

down starch. Each body is unique and the timing and quality of regeneration will depend on

each individuals situation. Regeneration on the inside may take longer to appreciate but the benefits of cellular regeneration on the outside will be apparent in your skin tone, quality feel.