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My Diet Mds

200 Corporate Plaza Islandia, NY 11749 

Lose 4 to 20 Pounds in 1 Month


Tel 631-406-0026

Please do Sun Salutation- Surya Namaskar for about 3 minutes

Learn i advance, it is the easiest Yoga warm up.

Ashtanga yoga, Sun Salutation - A Esther shows us a very dynamic Sun Salutation according to the Ashtanga principles. Sun Salutation A is used as warm up before you start your yoga routine. This short Yoga fl...

Ashtanga Yoga, Sun Salutation - B Here is a Asthanga version of the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar, a very popular Yoga flow to warm up the body before your Yoga routine. It is usually called Sun Salutation B

Sun salutation variation, Yoga pose Here is a nice variation on the Sun salutation yoga pose that I learned on my retreat with Clive Sheridan in Devon. Please subscribe to my channel here: