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The #1 Most TOXIC Food That You Eat Everyday

(You Eat Almost 200 lbs. of this Toxin Every Year)

toxic food,

What is the single biggest killer in the modern diet? Would you choose hot dogs? How about pizza? What about soda? What ‘food’ contributes the most to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in U.S.? What contributes the most to cancer? What accelerates aging the most? What contributes to tissue degeneration? To fatigue? To depression, anxiety, and loss of mental acuity? What is the number one ‘food’ we must avoid to remain physically and mentally powerful through a long joyous life?

Before you answer let’s learn some

background to this most important issue.

The manufactured food profits schemed by Agri-Business is a zillion times higher than those derived from the whole, unadulterated foods -- meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, eggs and milk. Beginning in the 1940's, and accelerating at an exponential rate throughout the decades, Agri-Business has engaged in a major propaganda blitz in promotion of using soy oil, corn oil (and more recently canola oil) as fundamental ingredients in all processed foods. All this as part of a more generalized brain washing in support of a lifestyle that relies on convenient and fashionable processed foods..

You think it’s the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA’s) that is the biggest killer? You are very close. No, PUFA’s are second biggest killer in your diet.

The Biggest KILLER In The Modern Diet is... SUGAR

Yes, sweet tasting, palate-pleasing sugar. Sugar has been injected into almost every conceivable processed food that exists today. You have been trained to buy and eat foods that taste good. Your kids have been programmed to eat sugary cereal, sweetened hamburger buns, and ‘non-sweetened’ juices (oh, these are sweetened alright. Why does all the orange juice taste the same and every orange tastes different...sugar is added to bring the taste up to the ‘standard’).

Today, the average American consumes between 100 and 120 pounds of sugar in a year -- most of which is totally invisible -- it is just there in virtually anything you buy in a package and they don’t even have to label it as added on the ingredient list. This reckless use of sugar is, of course, a real boon to the promotion of processed packaged foods. After all -- if you throw enough sugar in the mixture almost any devitalized trash is palatable (and ultimately addictive).

There are two dietary sugars (excluding the galactose in milk) --- glucose and fructose. There are ‘experts’ who will say that sugar is okay in moderation and that glucose in excess is the bad sugar and that fructose is the good sugar. In this case, as in most cases of business-generated information, the exact opposite is true.

Before you fall off your chair in disgust or disbelief, let’s understand the mechanism and come to

logical opinions on the matter.

Before you fall off your chair in disgust or disbelief, let’s understand the mechanism and come to logical opinions on the matter.

When people use the word "sugar" in conversation they are referring to sucrose. What is sucrose? Sucrose is a disaccharide. It consists of two smaller sugars connected together. Glucose and fructose are the two sugars that combine to make sucrose. The common dietary sugars are glucose, fructose, sucrose (which is glucose plus fructose), and lactose (milk sugar, which is glucose plus galactose).

Glucose is the basis of all carbohydrate metabolism. Glucose is the sugar that circulates in our blood -- that feeds our body and brain fuel. Glucose is also the sole constituent of all complex carbohydrates. Grains and starchy vegetables consist almost entirely of carbohydrates formed from long chains of glucose molecules connected together. Glucose is a basic constituent of our diet.

Where does fructose fit into the picture? It doesn’t. From a dietary standpoint fructose appears in only small concentrations in natural foods. When fructose is ingested it cannot be absorbed and utilized immediately as glucose and galactose can -- it must first be taken to the liver and processed.

Now, let us clear up one important point about fructose. The Agri-Business propaganda machine seized upon the fact that fructose is the major sugar in fruit and capitalized on the “fruit is good for us” myth. Since everyone "knows" that fruit is "natural," the fructose content of fruits was offered as one piece of evidence that fructose is "the good sugar." Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fruit we see today is not natural; it is not even close to the way it used to be. The sugar (fructose) content of peaches, oranges, and grapes we see today has never existed in nature before Agri-Business got their hands on it. All the fruits you buy in the market or grow in your own garden are man-made hybrids. Humankind had no prior experience with anything so high in sugar -- and certainly never encountered fructose in such concentrations as we find today.

How is sugar so damaging?

One of the primary differences between healthy people and those who are not relates to glycemic control. In other words, in the hours following a meal, are the rise and fall of blood sugar and insulin normal or pathological? A person's glycemic control is best measured with a 5-hour glucose tolerance test (GTT). In a GTT, a fasting person drinks a glucose solution, after which the blood glucose and blood insulin are monitored periodically for 5 hours.

toxic ,

In a Type I diabetic the glucose goes sky high while the insulin remains rock bottom low. In a Type II diabetic the glucose goes sky high and the insulin goes sky high and they both stay there. In some hypoglycemics the sugar only goes up a little while the insulin only goes up a little as so much insulin is produced so quickly and works so efficiently that the sugar levels come crashing down to ultra low levels. In other reactive hypo-glycemics the sugar goes somewhat high while the insulin goes somewhat high, then at some variable point during the next few hours the sugar drops very rapidly, though it may or may not reach ultra low levels.

These effects of sugar were known by everyone -- even the executives in Agri-Business. What the clever promoters in Agri-Business did was to pay their “researchers” to fabricate studies to show that if you drink a fructose solution instead of a glucose solution that the insulin and glucose reactions are not as extreme.

They said: "Do you see that? Fructose is natural sugar; fructose is fruit sugar; fructose is the good sugar because it doesn't affect glycemic control as adversely as glucose does!"

Meanwhile, all the legitimate physiologists were saying, "Well of course not -- fructose has to wrestle with the liver for a while before it gets released as an energy substrate. So naturally the reaction to fructose would not be as quick."

The legitimate scientists then did research testing glycemic control in an actual meal in which the source of carbohydrate was either glucose or fructose. In these studies (which simulate normal living conditions), fructose caused a far more severe stimulation of excess insulin response, and triggered the entire chain reaction that leads to all the degenerative diseases associated with poor glycemic control. These include cardiovascular disease, hypoglycemia (and all its physical and emotional changes), diabetes (and all its associated pathologies), and chronic fatigue. Did you ever hear about these studies reported on TV or in the magazines?

But glycation is even more damaging! Glycation associated with fructose metabolism causes all of our most devastating physical and emotional pathologies.

Free Radical Damage

toxic ,

The damage to your health from eating fructose is associated with free radical damage --- call this glycation. Glycation is the bonding of protein or lipid with a sugar such as fructose or glucose. Glycosylated hemoglobin is a hemoglobin molecule exposed to glucose --- the hemoglobin molecule has been glycated and it is associated with excess sugar in the blood due to insulin resistance. Glycosylated hemoglobin is measured in laboratory blood chemistry as HbA1c. If the insulin resistance is accompanied by high levels of blood sugar, then glycosylated hemoglobin in red blood cells reacts with proteins to form advanced glycosylated end products (AGEs). A type II diabetic is at an increased risk of cancer --- for every 1% increase in HbA1c there is an 18% increase of all cancers in type II diabetics.

The oxidative damage of glycation is particularly evident in collagen.

Collagen? Where is collagen found in the body? Only everywhere. How does this premature aging of collagen show up in terms of clinical conditions? The tissues most affected by sugar-induced oxidation stress are the vascular system (cardio-vascular disease), the renal capillaries (hypertension and kidney failure), the skin (wrinkles), the joints (degenerative arthritis), and the retinal capillaries (retinopathy). How's that for a pleasant accompaniment to your sweet tooth?

What are the Worst Fruits?

It is best to try and avoid fruits that are the most sugar-promoting. The fruits with the highest amount of fructose are grapes, bananas, apples, mangos, pears, cherries and kiwis. Any type of dried fruit also skyrockets your blood-sugar levels with copious amounts of fructose. If you're going to eat fruit, do not eat it by itself; in other words, eat a small amount with a fat or protein, like a little cheese. This may be against food-combining rules but eating fruit this way will keep your blood sugar lower.

The best fruit to eat is avocados. This beautiful green fruit is packed with carotenoids and antioxidants and they are extremely rich in Fatty Acids. Avocados also provide your body with 18 essential amino acids. These amino acids form the complete protein for your body. If you're looking for a great protein replacement to your diet, this is it. Avocados are the most wonderful and nutritious fruit. Eat them many times every week. Let's face it, our body needs fat, our brain needs fat. Would you rather give your brain trans fats from processed foods? I hope not. Don't be afraid of healthy fats. Avocados give your brain and body the right source of fat that it needs.

Fructose Causes Ten Times As Much

Glycation Damage As Glucose

Your brain function will improve, your energy will improve, you will lose weight --- every part of your health will improve when you STOP EATING FRUIT high in fructose. If you want the hard cold truth, try this for a few weeks and see if you notice the difference.

This fructose explanation is not what you are going to hear from your everyday physician down the road. These are the Alternative Health Secrets that the Mainstream Medicine Machine Doesn’t Want You to Know. This is why I have made it my mission in life to be the alternative opinion. To be the whistle-blower to Conventional Medicine, Big Food and Big Pharma. To be your voice. To be your advocate.

And I want to give you an important tool to start rebuilding what has been destroyed and taking back what is truly rightfully yours, Your Health. And I want to give it to you for no cost. I published this 160-page book a few years back and finally decided I had to give it away. Mainstream Health Secrets Exposed: What They’re Feeding You is Killing You is a look behind the scenes of what is literally being force fed to you. In this book you’ll find:

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Recently, I was asked to share my insight at The Alternative Health Expo in Oregon. I was honored to speak in front of so many esteemed doctors and health professionals. And I feel that I had to share with the public what I covered in my hour long talk. I want to give this to you for free as well. My keynote, titled 7 Truths Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know explained:

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You’ll get the video presentation and the accompanying eBook, absolutely free.

In my private practice in Salem, Oregon I see hundreds of patients each month. Each with a unique story that I honestly LOVE to hear. And for years, they have begged me to share all of my knowledge in writing and start publishing something more frequently.

You see, a very select few of health conscious, alternative minded people just like you, wanted to do something about their individual healthcare. They wanted to take more control and not leave it in the hands of politicians, lobbyists or Big Business. These select few have taken the reigns and are driving their health forward, not backwards into the depths of toxins, pesticides and obesity.

Each month I spend days researching and gathering breaking new health reports so that you don’t have to. These folks receive my exclusive Alternative Health Report delivered straight to their inbox. And I want you to join us.

If you have ever wondered about GMO’s, Prescription Drugs, Chemicals, Fat Loss, Organic Eating, Herbal Supplements, Probiotics, Gut Health, Meditation, Massage Therapy, Cleansing, Detoxing and other Alternative Therapies, you’ll love this newsletter.

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