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Lose 4 to 20 Pounds in 1 Month


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"Why Have I Allowed Myself To Gain This Much?" (6 Reasons This Might Be True For You)

We are going through some questions that people are asking us as they complete the 4th week of the Point Of No Return Program and I think the answers will be of interest to everyone.

This program is something that we built many years ago and is designed for people who have a great deal of knowledge about WHAT to do, but are looking for help following through.

For many people, only going on a certain program doesn't work for the long term. When people start to focus on the mindset aspects of decision making, success improves.

The studies and data show this. Like we always say, the best advice you can ever get is to know that it is NEVER just one thing. For many people, opening their mind to changing their thinking can be the thing that helps them break through.

Here are the questions. (The third one really got our attention)


What is the best way to incorporate this into an everyday part of my


Answer: Fully commit to absorbing the information, and know that there is

never ever just one thing. Commit to starting a process where you open

your mind as fully as you can.

Question: How can I stop "fighting the same old fight?"

Answer: Stop doing the same old thing. It sounds flippant, but this is the

truth. So many of us get conditioned to do things a certain way that a lot

of our behavior becomes an unconscious thing. Respect that it takes time

to create new beliefs.

Question: Why have I "allowed myself to gain this much weight?"


: That is a great question to ask. The first reason is usually that in your environment there is nothing to indicate that something has gotten out of control. No internal alarm bell, no external pressure.

The second is that the pain of what you may be going through in your life- that pain is so much greater than your "few extra pounds." What you might be going through is so much worse.

The third thing that might be going on is that you have become so disillusioned with all the things you have tried, that are not working, that you have decided to live with the new you. The people you see in your life who are thinner you think have different genetics and have it easier than you.

The fourth idea for you is that it COULD be that you are such a perfectionist that you think that anything LESS than perfect won't work, so why bother.

Fifth, you might be so busy beating yourself up about all the things you are doing wrong, that you lack the mental space to even


where to start.

Sixth, as Dr. Sara likes to say we are so busy trying to "tend and befriend everyone else in our life" there is not even a minute left to put that love back on ourselves.

Everyone is different, their specific reasons different. extend beyond this list. As an exercise, think about your own reasons.

And if you feel as if you know what do to, but need some help following

through, I'd really encourage you to try this 12 week program.

(To encourage people to try this program, we are opening our half-off offer for the next 24 hours. We also offer a complete guarantee for 30 days. This program is delivered digitally via email and you can start immediately. Click here for more information and to sign up. The discount gets applied when you check out)

The regular price is $77 and for the next 24 hours we are offering it

at $38.50

This page explains a ton more, and tells you the exact things you

will learn over the 12 weeks. There is one major module a week

so this is not a huge commitment. 

You need to set aside about 30 minutes per week, and for many

people just learning to take this small amount of time for themselves

is a huge win!

There have been a lot of people who have experienced success

on this program, but the main thing that we promise is that

this will help to INCREASE your belief in your own ability

to make some permanent changes.

This program was built with the assumption that you have tried

a lot of things, read a lot of books, but need some help putting

it all together. And maybe helping you focus on the right areas

and away from some of the things that are not working for you.