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Anulome Vilome

Breathing Exercise (Pranayama) - Alternate Nostril (Anuloma Viloma)

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Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing) is one of the most effective pranayama (breathing Exercises) to purify the mind and body. Anulom Vilom offers benefits in curing most of the internal body conditions and is very useful in releasing stress and anxiety. Anulom Vilom pranayama can be performed by people of all ages. It will help to practice this breathing exercise in a peaceful place like near a river or in a garden with plenty ofgreenery and where there is a lot of oxygen. The best time to practice this breathing exercise is considered to be early in the morning before having your breakfast. You can also practice it after giving a gap of five hours after eating. This will allow the food that is consumed to get digested. To perform Anulom Vilom, you should first close your eyes and relax all your muscles for while. Then, inhale from your left nostril while keeping your right nostril closed with the thumb of your right hand. Retain the breath for a few seconds and exhale from your right nostril with your middle and ring fingers closing your left nostril. Then, once again take in the breath from your right nostril. Finally, exhale from your left nostril while closing your right nostril with your thumb. This will complete one round of the pranayama. You could perform this exercise for around 15 minutes while taking a minute rest after every 5 minutes.

Anulom Vilom benefitsus by balancing the body’s three dosas. Any imbalance in the three dosas will lead to illnesses. You can also awaken the Kundalini if you focus on the Moolandra Chakra while performing this exercise. Anulom Vilom also benefits us by bringing relief to conditions like sinus, respiratory problems, and asthma. Removing of artery blockages and maintenance of cholesterol levels are other Kapalbhati benefits. It is also effective in dealing with conditions like constipation, flatulence, diabetes, and obesity. As Anulom vilom has no side effects it is considered to be very effective for weight loss.

However, performing Anulom Vilom should be avoided by women during pregnancy and periods. Individuals who suffer from heart troubles should not perform this exercise with too much force and should practice it under the guidance of a qualified instructor. For you to reap the Anulom Vilom benefits, it is important that you practice it daily. It is also essential for you to combine it with a yogic diet that is purely vegetarian and Kapalbhati (Cleansing). Kapalbhati benefits the body by helping to flush out toxins.

Anulom Vilom Pranayama is another type of pranayama.In this breathing technique, you inhale from one nostril at one time and release the breath through the the other nostril. You alternate between the two nostril at a regular comfortable pace.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Close your eyes and relax. Sit in this position for a couple of minutes till you settle down.
  2. Close your right nostril with your right thumb
  3. Breath in from your left nostril. Hold the breath for a couple of seconds.
  4. Open right nostril and close left nostril with middle and ring finger
  5. Breath out from right nostril.
  6. Breathe in from right nostril, close the right nostril
  7. Open left nostril and breathe out.
  8. Repeat again, steps 1 through 7.

You can practice this pranayama for bout 5-6 minutes per day.

Anulom Vilom pranayam is said to have benefited people with Heart ailments, high blood pressure, heart blockages, depression, migraine pain, asthma, sinus, allergy

It is important that you breathe deep into your lungs and not into the stomach. Most elements that absorb oxygen are in your lungs.

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To get more benefits from asanas and other yoga exercises your nasal passage should be clean so that you can easily concentrate on your breathing.